Travel Medicine: tales behind the science

I found this book to be clearly laid out and the fact that it is split into 9 sections, each containing between one and ten articles, makes it easy to dip into. However, this approach tends to make the book rather fragmented and so it is difficult to see and appreciate the claim that it provides an &ldquo,overview how diseases have spread worldwide&rdquo,. The book does offer a variety of viewpoints, which is quite in keeping with the reference to &lsquo,Tales' in the title but I found some sections to be of limited interest. The book does provide a range of insights into the ways in which both people and diseases travel. The individual contributions included in the book are grouped into sections on: The history of travel medicine, Education in travel medicine, The evolution of travel vaccines, Malaria drugs and infections of adventure, Personal tales from travel medicine practitioners, Tales behind the research in travel medicine, Travelling for a cause, When diseases travel, A look into the future. I found Chapter 37 to be one of the better items. Stephen M. Ostroff's account of the spread of disease in the 20 th Century with implications for the future was both thoughtful and informative. This and the other topics included within the book's eighth section on the spread of disease were of interest to me. However, as the book has been published as part of the Advances in Tourism Research Series it will thus have its place as a specialist resource.