From Candy Floss to Mountain Bikes: A view of the Wales Tourist Board 1969-2006

This book was written with the insightful knowledge that only a tourist board insider could provide. As such it provides a fascinating and honest account of the ups and downs in the development of the Wales Tourist Board Professor Brian Hay, Dept of Hospitality &, Tourism, Strathclyde University , SCOPE , From Candy Floss to Mountain Bikes: A View of the Wales Tourist Board provides a fascinating in-depth account of the way in which the organisation evolved as an independent statutory body over more than three decades, between 1969 and 2006. During this period tourism grew to be a major creator of income and jobs, at a time when other sectors of the economy were suffering contraction and structural change. The book recounts vividly how WTB's work was accomplished against the background of far-reaching shifts in political ideology, resulting in differences of approach by successive governments to issues of governance and service delivery. It explains how the Board witnessed the emergence of sustainability as an important policy imperative, and how it helped foster a new sense of cultural identity and pride in Wales . In April 2006 the Board was merged with the Welsh Assembly Government, with responsibility for the development and delivery of official tourism policy in Wales passing to a team within the Department of Enterprise, Innovation and Networks, operating under the Visit Wales banner. , AUDIENCE , The book benefits from the authors' intimate knowledge of tourism and the policy scene in Wales. Its strength lies in the fact that it draws upon a combination of published material and candid firsthand contributions from individuals who worked for and with the Wales Tourist Board and it is written in an accessible and lively style. The book will appeal to a very wide readership comprising tourism professionals, academic audiences and those with an interest in matters of governance and official policy. Although it makes no pretence to be a textbook, students of tourism may discover some insights not found in weightier tomes. , CONTENTS , There are twelve chapters, organised thematically. Having introduced the Wales Tourist Board and its role, the book considers in detail specific activity areas such as marketing, product development, quality accreditation, training and research. It reviews the evolution of regional structures to help WTB deliver its strategic objectives and it explores partnership working with other key stakeholders. It also examines the relationship between tourism and the natural, built and cultural environment ?,?,?,&sbquo,?,?,&euro,&oelig, citing examples where those precious assets were threatened by unforeseen events and disasters. There are many colour images illustrating the fabric of tourism in Wales and the work of the Board. , THE AUTHORS , Elwyn Owen is an independent tourism consultant and Visiting Professor in Tourism at the Welsh School of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Management of the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff . He joined the Wales Tourist Board as its first Research Officer in 1971 and remained with the Board until 1995 as Director of Research and Corporate Planning, before developing his commercial and academic research interests. Lyn Owen is an independent consultant, specialising in environmental and countryside topics. From Candy Floss to Mountain Bikes: A View of the Wales tourist Board 1969-2006 is published by the UWIC Press at ?,19.95 [plus postage and packing ?,4.00] For further information, please contact Robert Roderick, Cardiff School of Management, UWIC, Colchester Avenue, Cardiff, CF23 9XR Tel: 029 2041 6418 or email: