Free Time and Leisure Participation

This easy to read volume explores how we use our leisure time. Apart from the opening and closing chapters the book takes a country, country perspective a delivers a clear and comprehensive mini case study. The countries covered (all developed world) are dealt with in alphabetical order and are written in most parts by a local author. The depth of coverage varies considerably, but each has up-to-date supporting data in the form of easy to read tables and graphs. Great Britain is covered in 18 pages, Russia in 12, whilst Hong Kong gets a surprising 13 in comparison. Fifteen countries in total are covered, with the United States focused upon in two chapters. The focus of this book is very much how people use their leisure time, with little or no reference to tourism or the domestic short break industry. This is a new and updated version of the first edition published 12 years ago which is surprising considering the limited appeal of such a volume. It is likely that this book will be referred to by those in purely academic circles as it is difficult to perceive its use by the wider community. Each chapter is well referenced and supported by recent research, but with data nearly eight years old being referred to in the Great Britain chapter one wonders how relevant and applicable this is now as we approach the end of the first decade of this century. Although very accessible in terms of the reading and the presentation of data the book sadly lacks visual appeal. The use of photographs and maps to illustrate some of the themes may have widened its appeal and application.