Understanding the Global Spa Industry

This is an extremely comprehensive book covering certain aspects of the global spa industry, probably everything students are required to know about spas for course work. There is a useful and comprehensive index, short biographies of the contributors, list of figures and list of tables. In the Prologue, the editors say &ldquo,from ..... academic backgrounds we converged on a need to fill gaps in our knowledge about this vast global industry",. What would have been helpful would have been more on the people in this industry - staff and clients, and what are their needs. Today the Web is a powerful advertising tool, much used by spa visitors researching type/s of treatment they want, and two pages relate to this, but no examples of good or bad sites. As a medical journalist specialising in post operative care, I tap in to the European custom of using medical spas as part of treatment, and am used to visiting the vast but well-organised and visitor-friendly venues abroad. It would have been helpful if the book covered topics such as disabled access, and mentioned and compared different types of equipment such as massage tables, etc. As a people business, any student reading this will need to talk to those working in a spa, and interviews might have made the book more relevant to the operation of spas, instead of just focussing on what accountants require. We don't take this sector seriously enough, this book explains the theory, but could have had more on the day-to-day practicalities of the industry.