Conferences and Conventions, A global industry second edition

This book is aimed at both practitioners in the conference and convention industry and those wishing to study the industry. It is written by one of the leading exponents of the industry, Tony Rogers, who shares his wealth of knowledge with his readers. Each of the nine chapters is given a short introduction and ends with a summary, review and discussion. The chapters are generously interspersed with statistics and tables on the industry. Examples and case studies are drawn from worldwide, given the findings an international perspective. This opens up the book to be of use to those working or studying in the conference and convention industry outside of the U.K. The case studies will provide much thought and discussion amongst those already working in the industry and it will be an excellent source of reference for those who wish to update their knowledge with the latest developments. There is a chapter on the latest developments in technology and a thought provoking case study on technology and virtual meetings. This book is an excellent source of information to those seeking more knowledge of the industry or for those studying with the hope of entering the industry. The pen portraits of those holding leading positions within the conference and convention industry will be of interest to practitioners and well as prospective employees. Students will find the details of the leading organisations in the conference and convention industry an invaluable tool for their research. The findings are written in sufficient depth to be of value to students in Higher Education, but in such a clear way that could also be followed by students on BTEC Nationals or similar level courses.