British Tourism: The Remarkable Story of Growth

Selling out its first, hardback edition in little over 12 months, British Tourism: The Remarkable Story of Growth has been revised and a new paperback edition launched this year. First published by Butterworth Heinemann in May 2005, authored by Victor Middleton FTS with the late Len Lickorish, the new edition includes a brand new contributed chapter on tourism growth in Scotland and Wales, as well as a colour plate section. The book tells the story of British tourism since the First World War, reviews the present situation and looks to the future. Growth, at an estimated tenfold increase in British tourism over 50 years since WWII, has seen political and media views of tourism shift from dismissive political jibes at a 'candyfloss holiday industry' to growing recognition that tourism is a core part of the post-industrial and post-agricultural economy, is influential in all parts of the UK, a driver of the 'new economy' of the 21st century and a vital contributor to sustainable economic growth... Tourism remains firmly below the political stairs, however, Cinderella of Government as noted by a House of Commons Select Committee in 2003. Any story that covers so broad a sweep as a century of tourism inevitably involves judgements as to what to include and what to leave out. It also involves the principal author's selection and interpretation of events. It is clear, however, that the book has been well received by independent reviewers and sales achieved demonstrate its success with readers. Judged above all to be 'fascinating' and a 'good read,' comments since the launch include: ",The Remarkable story of Tourism is a landmark publication and makes a significant contribution ", The Lord Marshall of Knightsbridge, former Chairman of VisitBritain ",Essential reading for students, career minded people and others interested in this fascinating sector of modern society.", J. Seekings in The Tourism Society Journal ",This fascinating book is a highly readable swing through one of the country's most dynamic growth industries.", M. Quest in The Hospitality Matters Journal ",A comprehensive and insightful study of one of the great British Success stories of the 20th Century , ",must read.", S. Moss CBE, Chairman of Springboard UK The main chapters are divided into four post-war eras to make the changes more understandable and to locate them in their historical perspective. The contents explain and assess: The roots of post-war tourism growth - the interwar years Tourism in 1950 and today Developments in accommodation and attractions Developments in transport and regulation Marketing developments and trends The role of entrepreneurs National, regional and local organization in tourism, Britain , Scotland and Wales Future trends and prospects Detailed appendices cover the problems defining and measuring tourism since the 1930s, noting that the basic thinking on which international tourism satellite accounting is now founded was first explained in England in 1944. About the Authors The late Len Lickorish CBE, for nearly twenty five years Director General of the British Travel Association, later British Tourist Authority, was the originator of this book. The task of editing and rewriting the drafts was taken on by Victor Middleton OBE, FTS who joined the British Travel Association in 1968 and was a Founder Fellow, former Chairman and Vice chairman of the Tourism Society. A chapter on developments in Scotland and Wales is included in the new edition contributed by Dr Brian Hay and Professor Elwyn Owen. Book Availability Priced at ?,24.99, the book is available by order from bookshops (isbn 978-0-7506-8411-8) or visit . Members of the Tourism Society are entitled to a 10% discount quoting reference APG 3 if telephoning 01865 474010 or in the offer code box if ordering online.