TS Yorkshire Presents The Future Tourism Experience on Sept. 14

Tuesday August 14, 2018

The Future Tourism Experience

Date: Friday 14th September 2018 | 10:00 – 13:30 BST

Location: Bedern Hall, Bartle Garth, York YO1 7AL

Tickets: https://bit.ly/2OzVben

The Future Tourism Experience: is it right for your attraction?

Little research had been done to uncover the advantages – and pitfalls – of visitor attractions using VR and augmented reality (AR) so Qa Research has been finding out the sector’s experience of, and approach to, this brave new high-tech world.

This is how the attractions define each term:
-Virtual reality: experiencing a real situation using virtual means, typically accessed via a headset
-Augmented reality: blends reality and virtually created enhancements – accessed via a device, typically a smartphone.

Qa interviewed in depth many different kinds of attraction up and down the UK. Some had used this technology, and some hadn’t and Qa’s managing director, Richard Bryan will share the findings at this Tourism Society Yorkshire event.

Analogue Alternative: are live experiences better?
Whilst the future of virtual in Tourism is the current trending topic, there are some who would argue that the live experience will always be more important. Learn how one of Yorkshire’s most favourite attractions, the World of James Herriot is seeing huge growth by appealing to a new generation of visitors discovering the award winning attraction using live experiences - the Analogue Alternative. Ian Ashton, managing director of the World of James Herriot explains.

Content, Marketing and Data: it has to be choreographed for success  
Bringing together content, marketing and data plays a major part in the success of organisations of all shapes and sizes. Paul shares techniques to make the most of the online and analogue approaches to make your tourism offering really stand out. He combines this with a whistle stop reminder of the data protection (GDPR) that needs to be entwined along the way.

Paul Cook has been immersed in the events and learning space for over 20 years as a writer, researcher, educator, advisor and producer.