Budget airlines, overseas indie holidays & london hotels winners in 2013 prospects survey

Wednesday January 16, 2013

A survey conducted by The Tourism Society amongst its 1000 plus members has revealed strong levels of optimism for growth in certain sectors of the UK travel industry during the year ahead. 

The survey indicated that 74% of Tourism Society members felt that budget airlines passenger numbers would increase in 2013 (24% same as 2012, 2% decrease) by comparison with full service airlines, 41% decrease (37% same as 2012, 22% increase).

In the outbound section of the research, independent holidays were considered to be set for a good year with 66% of members predicting an increase (33% same as 2012, 7% decrease). Less optimism was shown for sales of package holidays with a 42% increase (42% same as 2012, 16% decrease). Overseas short breaks fared marginally better with 50% increase (42% same as 2012, 8% decrease).

The Olympics legacy possibly came into Tourism Society members’ thinking when considering the section of the survey on hotels with 57% feeling that London hotels would see an increase in occupancies in 2013 (30% same as 2012, 13% decrease). The picture for UK hotel occupancies overall was less favourable with 27% believing there would be an increase (57% same as 2012, 17% decrease).

In more general industry related questions, Tourism Society members felt that the expansion of UK regional airports was the best solution to Britain’s capacity issue. They also predicted that India would show the biggest growth in visitors from BRIC countries in the coming year.

Tourism Society Chairman, David Curtis-Brignell said: “The results of our annual survey have revealed some very interesting views expressed by our members and it will be fascinating to see how these predictions stand up as the year progresses. It is particularly encouraging to note the overall level of optimism shown for trading conditions in 2013 which makes a pleasant change from  the gloomy outlook forecast in many recent industry surveys”

The results were shared during the Tourism Society’s Prospects for 2013, a panel discussion highlighting trends and forecasts for 2013. The event, held in London, featured panellists from VisitBritain, TRI Hospitality Consulting, umiDigital, ALVA and ABTA.