VisitEngland research

Monday November 11, 2013

VisitEngland has recently published a number of research reports.

GB Tourism Survey – July
The number of domestic overnight trips in England in July increased by 3% year-on-year, with nights and expenditure remaining flat. Holiday trips (+9%) and nights (+5%) particularly increased. The increase in this month was likely the result of a heat-wave in July of this year (the most notable since 2006), compared to a particularly rainy and cool July in 2012.

For the year to date, trips in England are down slightly (-2%), particularly business trips (-5%). While expenditure has remained consistent for this period (-1%), there is variation by the type of trip, with visits to friends and relatives increasing (10%) and holidays (-4%) and business (-5%) expenditure falling.

Staycation Research
Attitudes to the economy and personal finances are the most positive they have been since the survey began, however 9 in 10 are still cutting back on household spending due to the economic downturn. The research also showed that over half (56%) of those holidaying in England in 2013 experienced good weather – far higher than in recent years – and 17% say that the good weather this year has made them more likely to take a trip in England next year.

Booking Patterns Research
VisitEngland has also recently published research on Booking Patterns.
Over the course of a year, 9,000 people were asked about domestic trips they had recently booked to understand when they started seriously thinking about them, when they booked them, where else they considered and the information they used.
The research showed how short the booking process is – over half go from ‘thinking’ to booking in the same month, rising to 40% for short breaks of 1-3 nights. The amount of research done before booking depends on lifestage, with families with young children taking much less time to research trips than those in other lifestage groups.

Domestic Industry Panel
The September – October Domestic Industry Panel report has been published, with members of VE's panel more positive about past and future performance than in previous waves.

The full reports covering each of the above headings can be found on the Tourism Society website in the Research and Statistics section of the members-only area - just log in with your username and password for full access.