What we do

The Tourism Society is an organisation for people working in tourism and travel, including educators and students, and others interested or involved in the visitor economy across all its sectors worldwide. It is where individuals from across all sectors of the Visitor Economy come together (online and offline) for discussion, debate, to share views and knowledge, and to network.

The Society is the only professional membership organisation that represents all of Tourism - across all disciplines, geography and career stages.

Goals of the The Tourism Society

  • Promote and advance the professionalism of individuals in tourismin all sectors, at all levels and worldwide
  • Bring together the many tourism sectors to discuss, debate and share ideas & stories, to network, and to develop best practice
  • Support training and academic development
  • Support our members at all stages of their progress through the industry
  • Recognise individual achievement in the field of tourism
  • Provide a channel of communication for members on issues of local, national and international interest
  • Support and encourage individuals’ understanding of sustainable development and the issues around it

The Society, founded in 1977, provides a forum for the professional needs of those pursuing a career in or associated with the tourism industry. It is managed by a Board, elected by the members, and is funded by subscriptions, advertising revenue, meetings income and other contributions and sponsorship.

Our existing membership of approaching 1000 individuals represents tour operators, hotel chains, PR, marketing and representation companies, tourist attractions, national, regional and local tourist boards, restaurants, trade media, charities, consultants, academics, students and educational establishments, among others.

The Society's professional section offers support to those who work as consultants - the Tourism Consultants Network (TCN) allows consultants to increase their exposure to companies and organisations looking for external high quality expertise.